Past colloquia

Colloquium program from August 2017 to January 2018

[colloque] Tue 3.10.2017, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Prof. Manfred Trummer (Simon Fraser University Vancouver): Reconstruction of Dynamic SPECT Images

[colloque] Tue 17.10.2017, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Prof. Jamal Najim (Université de Marne La Vallée): Large Random Matrices of Long Memory Stationary Processes: Asymptotics and fluctuations of the largest eigenvalue

[colloque] Tue 24.10.2017, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Prof. Omid Amini (CNRS - Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris): Graph theory in arithmetic and algebraic geometry

[colloque] Tue 7.11.2017, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Prof. Christine Bachoc (Bordeaux): Sets avoiding the distance 1 in $\mathbb R^n$

[colloque] Tue 14.11.2017, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Prof. Yohei Komori (Waseda Univ, Tokyo): Growth functions of hyperbolic groups

[colloque] Tue 28.11.2017, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Prof. Urs Lang (ETHZ): Higher rank hyperbolicity in spaces of nonpositive curvature

[colloque] Tue 5.12.2017, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Prof. Valentin Féray (Uni Zürich): What do random constraint permutations look like?

[colloque] Tue 12.12.2017, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

CANCELLED - Prof. Maryna Viazovska (EPFL): The sphere packing problem in dimensions 8 and 24

Other events from August 2017 to January 2018

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Topologie, Mon 18.09.2017, Math II (Lonza) at 16h00more

David González Álvaro (Fribourg): Non-negative sectional curvature on stable classes of vector bundles

[oberseminar] Wed 27.09.2017, Math II (Lonza) at 10h20more

Grigory Ivanov (EPFL): The cross-polytope and the cube, their sections and projections

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Topologie, Mon 02.10.2017, Math II (Lonza) at 16h00more

Anand Dessai (Fribourg): Topology of moduli spaces of nonnegative curved metrics and eta-invariants

[oberseminar] Wed 04.10.2017, Math II (Lonza) at 10h20more

Stephan Klaus (MFO): Dihedral angles and combinatorial Gauss-Bonnet Theorem

[oberseminar] Wed 11.10.2017, Math II (Lonza) at 10:20more

Yuri Suris (TU Berlin): On a discretization of confocal quadrics

[mathematikon] Tue 24.10.2017, Phys 2.52 at 12h15more

Ivan Izmestiev: Schliessungsätze

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Topologie, Mon 30.10.2017, Math II (Lonza) at 16h00more

Michael Joachim (Münster): Twisted spin^c bordism and twisted K-homology

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Topologie, Mon 27.11.2017, Math II (Lonza) at 16h15more

Masoumeh Zarei (Peking Uni.): Equivariant classification of cohomogeneity one Alexandrov spaces in low dimension

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Geometrie, Wed 29.11.2017, Math II (Lonza) at 10h20more

Plinio G. P. Murillo (Bern): Hyperbolic manifolds with large systole

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Topologie, Mon 04.12.2017, Math II (Lonza) at 16h00more

Michael Wiemeler (Münster): On the topology of moduli spaces of non-negative Ricci-curved metrics

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Geometrie, Wed 06.12.2017, Math II (Lonza) at 10h20more

David González Álvaro (Fribourg): Manifolds with positive sectional curvature

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Geometrie, Wed 13.12.2017, Math II (Lonza) at 10h20more

Florian Besau (Frankfurt): Floating bodies in spherical and hyperbolic geometry

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Topologie, Mon 18.12.2017, Math II (Lonza) at 16h00 more

Manuel Amann (Augburg): Orbifolds with all geodesics closed

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Geometrie, Wed 20.12.2017, Math II (Lonza) at 10h20more

Roman Prosanov (Fribourg): Covering problems in discrete geometry

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