Past colloquia

Colloquium program from August 2014 to January 2015

[colloque] Tue 16.9.2014, Phys at 17h15more

Emanuele Delucchi (Fribourg): Toric arrangements: an open-ended introduction

[colloque] Tue 23.9.2014, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Thomas Mettler (ETHZ / Fribourg): Metrisability problems in projective differential geometry

[colloque] Tue 7.10.2014, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Antti Knowles (ETHZ): Random matrices and multivariate statistics

[colloque] Tue 14.10.2014, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Fernando Galaz-Garcia (Karlsruhe):Transformation groups in Alexandrov geometry

[colloque] Tue 28.10.2014, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Séverine Rigot (Nice): Besicovitch covering property in sub-Riemannian geometry

[colloque] Tue 4.11.2014, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Eric Jespers (Université Libre Bruxelles): Units of integral group rings of finite groups

[colloque] Tue 11.11.2014, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Davide Vittone (Università di Padova): The regularity problem for sub-Riemannian geodesics

[colloque] Tue 25.11.2014, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Claudio Canuto (Politecnico di Torino): Adaptive Fourier and hp-FEM methods

[colloque] Tue, 2.12.2014, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Maciej Dunajski (Cambridge): Quartics, sextics, and beyond

[colloque] Tue 9.12.2014, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

P.-E. Caprace: CANCELLED

Other events from August 2014 to January 2015

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Topologie, Thu 25.09.2014, Math II (Lonza) at 14h15more

Pierre-Nicolas Jolissaint (Neuchâtel): Embeddings of groups into Hilbert spaces: Motivations and examples

[mathematikon] Tue 30.09.2014, Phys 2.52 at 12H15more

Matthieu Jacquemet - Didon, comment on va ranger ces livres ?

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Topologie, Thu 02.10.2014, Math II (Lonza) at 14h15more

Lev Kiwi (Fribourg): Circle actions on complete intersections. Part I - The codimension 2 & 4 cases.

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Geometrie, Wed 3.10.2014, Math II (Lonza) at 10:20more

Julian Kellerhals (EPF Lausanne): Supramenable groups

[] Tue 14.10.2014, Phys 2.52 at 12h15more

Lev Kiwi : Vous avez dit mathémagique ?

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Topologie, Tue 14.10.2014, Math II (Lonza) at 11h00more

Anand Dessai (Fribourg): Infinite families of complex cohomology rings of nonnegatively curved manifolds with cohomogeneity one

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Geometrie, Wed 15.10.2014, Math II (Lonza) at 10:20more

Ann Kiefer (Fribourg / VU Brussels): Presentations of groups acting discontinuously on spaces of negative curvature

[oberseminar] Analysis Seminar, Wed 29.10.2014, Auditorium 1.309 Sciences de la Terre at 13:15more

Severine Rigot (Nice): Covering lemmas in the Heisenberg group

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Geometrie, Wed 29.10.2014, Math II (Lonza) at 10:20more

Wojciech Krynski (Warsaw) : Equivalence problems for tangent distributions

[oberseminar] Analysis Seminar, Tue 04.11.2014 Phys 2.73 at 15:15more

Andrea Schioppa (ETHZ): Vector fields on metric mesure spaces, and 1-rectifiable structure

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Geometrie, Wed 05.11.2014, Math II (Lonza) at 10:20more

Sonja Hohloch (EPF Lausanne): From semi-toric systems to Hamiltonian circle actions and back

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Geometrie, Wed 12.11.2014, Math II (Lonza) at 10:20more

Rafael Guglielmetti and Matthieu Jacquemet (Fribourg): Groupes et polyèdres de Coxeter hyperboliques: invariants et commensurabilité

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Geometrie, Wed 19.11.2014, Math II (Lonza) at 10:20more

Alexander Kolpakov (Toronto) : Symmetries of hyperbolic four-manifolds

[oberseminar] Thursday, 27.11.2014, Math II Lonza at 14.00more

Matthias Lenz (Oxford): On the volume and the number of integer points of a convex polytope

[oberseminar] Thursday, 27.11.2014, Math II Lonza at 15.00more

Michele Torielli (Hokkaido University): Supersolvable arrangements and their minimal CW-complex

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Topologie, Thu 04.12.2014, Math II (Lonza) at 15h15more

Wilderich Tuschmann (Karlsruhe): Stability and rigidity in positive scalar curvature

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Geometrie, Wed 3.12.2014, Math II (Lonza) at 10:20more

Maciej Dunajski (Cambridge): How to recognise a conformally Einstein metric

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Topologie, Tue 16.12.2014, Math II (Lonza) at 14h15 more

Lev Kiwi (Fribourg): Circle actions on complete intersections Part II

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Topologie, Thu 18.12.2014, Math II (Lonza) at 15h15more

Denis Pythoud (Fribourg): Introduction to a conjecture of Walker

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Geometrie, Wed 17.12.2014, Math II (Lonza) at 10:20more

Ivan Martino (Fribourg): The Ekedahl invariants for finite groups

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