Past colloquia

Colloquium program from January 2013 to August 2013

[colloque] Tue 19.02.2013, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Robert Meyerhoff (Boston College): Understanding 3-Manifolds

[colloque] Tue 5.3.2013, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Viktor Schroeder (Zürich): Moebius Geometry on the boundary of negatively curved spaces

[colloque] Tue 19.03.2013, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Claude Marion (Fribourg): Finite simple quotients of triangle groups

[colloque] Tue 9.4.2013, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Roman Sauer (Karlsruhe): Limits of the homology of finite covers

[colloque] Tue 16.04.2013, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Alain-Sol Sznitman (ETHZ): Random interlacements and the local geometry of random walks

[colloque] Monday! 22.04.2013, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Ara Basmajian (CUNY z.Zt. Fribourg): Geodesics on Hyperbolic Surfaces

[colloque] Tue 30.4.2013, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Vincent Bansaye (Ecole Polytechnique Paris): Evénements rares pour des processus de branchement en environnement aléatoire

[colloque] Tue 07.05.2013, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Serguei Ivashkovich (Lille-1 / MPIM Bonn): Banach analytic sets and non-linear versions of the E. Levi extension theorem

[colloque] Tue 14.05.2013, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Rodrigo Platte (ASU): Mapped polynomial methods for approximation on equispaced points

[colloque] Tue 21.05.2013, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Ezio Venturino (Turin): Some recent mathematical applications in biology and ecology with relevant economic impact

[colloque] Tue 28.05.2013, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Stefan Bechtluft-Sachs (Maynooth): A minimal model for the rational homotopy type of a Riemannian manifold

[colloque] Tue 4.6.2013, Phys 2.52 at 17h15more

Peter Dragnev (Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne): Characterizing stationary logarithmic points

Other events from January 2013 to August 2013

[mathematikon] Mon 15.04.2013, Phys. 2.52 at 17h15more

Matthieu Jacquemet : Napoléon aurait-il pu gagner à Waterloo ?

[oberseminar] Oberseminar Topologie, Mo 15.07.2013, Math II (Lonza) at 14h15more

Lee Kennard (UC Santa Barbara): Fundamental groups of positively curved manifolds with symmetry

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