In 2012,

Jean-Paul BERRUT

celebrates his 60th birthday

To mark the occasion, a get-together with colleagues and friends of mathematics will take place

October 5, at 1:30 pm

in the Auditorium G140 of Pérolles II, at the University of Fribourg
Jean-Paul Berrut




Practical information



13h30-14h15 Claude Brezinski: Quelques pionniers des méthodes d'extrapolation
14h15-15h00 Martin Gander: Euler, Lagrange, Ritz, Galerkin, Courant, Clough: auf dem Weg zur Methode der finiten Elemente
15h00-15h30 coffee break
15h30-16h15 Nick Trefethen: Happy 187th birthday to the barycentric interpolation formula!
16h15-17h00 Len Bos: Some comments on Whittaker-Shannon sampling by means of Berrut's rational interpolant and its extension by Floater and Hormann
17h00-18h00 aperitif


Those wishing to attend the aperitif (at ca. 5 pm) are kindly invited to send an e-mail to