In 2012,

Jean-Paul BERRUT

celebrates his 60th birthday

To mark the occasion, a get-together with colleagues and friends of mathematics will take place

October 5, at 1:30 pm

in the Auditorium G140 of Pérolles II, at the University of Fribourg
Jean-Paul Berrut




Practical information


Practical information

Access from Fribourg CFF/SBB train station

In front of the train station (Fribourg CFF/SBB) take the bus/trolleybus no. 1 (direction Marly), 3 (direction Pérolles), or 7 (direction Cliniques) till the stop "Pérolles-Charmettes" (blue line on the map below). At the vending machine for bus tickets, choose "destination zone no. 10" and "1-6 stops/arrêts" (2.40 Fr. single fare, 1.40 Fr. reduced single fare).

You can also walk from the train station to the conference site. It takes approximatively 15-20 minutes: from the train station, go along the "Boulevard de Pérolles" on your right, till the first round-about.

The meeting takes place on the first floor in the Auditorium G140 of the white concrete/glass building "Bd. de Pérolles 90", on the left side of the street. You cannot miss the building - look for the red "robotic" arms in front of it. Click on the map to enable zoom and satelite-view.

Parking on the Campus Pérolles

Parking on the Campus Pérolles is rather difficult, there are almost no zones where you are allowed to park for more than 4 hours. One of the rare zones where you can (eventhough it is still paid) is marked by "P" in the map above. Continue to the south on the Boulevard de Pérolles until the "Tamoil" petrol-station, then turn left at the roundabout. The parking is situated behind the Ecole d'Ingénieurs et Architectes (HES-SO).


Many lunch opportunities exist close to and on the campus, e.g., in the cafeterias, one across the street from the meeting's building, the other in the Ecole d'Ingénieurs et d'Architectes (HES-SO).


Those wishing to attend the aperitif (at ca. 5 pm) are kindly invited to send an e-mail to