In 2012,

Jean-Paul BERRUT

celebrates his 60th birthday

To mark the occasion, a get-together with colleagues and friends of mathematics will take place

October 5, at 1:30 pm

in the Auditorium G140 of Pérolles II, at the University of Fribourg
Jean-Paul Berrut




Practical information


The talks, on the history of mathematics, will be given by

Len Bos, Università di Verona
Claude Brezinski, Université de Lille
Martin Gander, Université de Genève
Nick Trefethen, University of Oxford

For the program, please follow the link "Program" on the left, for directions the link "Practical information"

Those wishing to attend the aperitif (at ca. 5 pm) are kindly invited to send an e-mail to


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