Welcome to the page of the Department of Mathematics

Département de mathématiques
Université de Fribourg
Chemin du Musée 23
CH-1700 Fribourg
Prof. Ruth Kellerhals (president)
Mme Isabella Schmutz (secretary)
tel: +41 26 300 9180

Opening hours during the semester

Department office
Monday-Thursday 8:00-11:30    13:30-17:00


  • [Tue 20.2.2018, Phys 2.52 at 17h15] Prof. Alexandre Stauffer (University of Bath): Spatial growth processes: dendritic formation and competition
  • [Tue 6.3.2018, Phys 2.52 at 17h15] Prof. Jan Maas (IST Austria): tba
  • [Tue 13.3.2018, Phys 2.52 at 17h15] Prof. Florian Bertrand (University of Beyrouth): tba
  • [Tue 20.3.2018, Phys 2.52 at 17h15] Prof. Jean-Marc Schlenker (Luxembourg): tba
  • [Tue 10.4.2018, Phys 2.52 at 17h15] Prof. Pierre Pansu (Université Paris-Sud Orsay): tba
  • [Tue 1.5.2018, Phys 2.52 at 17h15] Prof. Bernard Ries (Uni Fribourg): tba
  • [Tue 8.5.2018, Phys 2.52 at 17h15] Prof. Luis Guijarro (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid): tba
  • [Tue 15.5.2018, Phys 2.52 at 17h15] Prof. Andrea Mondino (Warwick): tba
  • [Tue 22.5.2018, Phys 2.52 at 17h15] Prof. Stéphane Loisel (ISFA Lyon): tba

Talks and events:

  • [Oberseminar Geometrie, Wed 21.02.2018, Math II (Lonza) at 10h20] Corina Ciobotaru (Fribourg): Applications of hyperbolic geometry to Kuramoto model of synchronization
  • [Combinatorics Seminar, Wed 7.3.2018, Math II (Lonza) at 14h00] Enrico Cecini (Genoa): tba
  • [Oberseminar Topologie, Mon 12.03.2018, Math II (Lonza) at 16h00 ] Uwe Semmelmann (Stuttgart): The kernel of the Rarita-Schwinger operator on Riemannian spin manifolds
  • [Oberseminar Topologie, Monday 19.03.2018, Math II (Lonza) at 16h00] Jan-Bernhard Kordass (Karlsruhe): Spaces of Riemannian Metrics satisfying Surgery Stable Curvature Conditions
  • [Combinatorics Seminar, Wed 21.3.2018, Math II (Lonza) at 14h00] Viola Siconolfi (Roma): tba
  • [Oberseminar Topologie, Monday 26.03.2018, Math II (Lonza) at 16h00] Raphael Zentner (Regensburg/FIM): Irreducible SL(2,C)-representations of integer homology 3-sphere
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